Heart Attack Symptoms for Women
Watch Out for Deceptive Differences!!

Heart attack symptoms for women are quite different from the common perception of what a heart attack may look like.

After seeing your favorite stars having a heart attack in a Hollywood or a Bollywood picture – you are likely to imagine that a patient with heart attack clenches her chest with a face distorted from severe chest pain.Severe, crushing chest pain is the instinctive general perception of a heart attack victim.

Chest pain is NOT the presenting heart attack symptom for women. In more than 50% of women with heart attack chest pain as a symptom is missing.

In those women who have a chest discomfort with a heart attack – it is of a unexpected different quality – not like what you have seen in your favorite movies.

Women heart attack victims describe their chest discomfort as pressure, ache or tightness. And usually its location is in the upper chest or upper back.

Most common heart attack symptoms for women are:

• Shortness of breath

• Undue fatigue and weakness

• Cold clammy sweats

• Nausea

• Abdominal discomfort as with indigestion

• Impending sense of doom and anxiety.

If you look carefully, these symptoms – short breath, sudden weakness, perspiration and anxiety – are so common place, that one is likely to ignore them as something as trivial as a heart burn, a general run down after a hard day or just anxiety.

But, the consequences of the non-recognition of heart attack symptoms for women are very dangerous.

Alarmingly high percentages of women with heart attack die before they make it to hospital.

It can not be emphasized more that all women who are approaching menopause or younger women with a family history of heart disease or having one or more of the heart attack risk factors MUST NOT TAKE FOR GRANTED any doubtful symptoms.

They must go for a screening investigation for heart health when it is still not too late. Upon having any doubt about the symptoms that you are having – don’t ignore it. It’s better to appear a fool than being dead.

Having Heart Attack Symptoms?

Call the emergency number (911 in USA). Chew an uncoated tablet of aspirin and reach the hospital without losing any time.

You must be wondering why heart attack symptoms for women are so different than they are in males!!

In fact, not much research on the subject is done. It is a matter of speculation that why a disease (coronary heart disease) that was considered to be a primarily a male disease has suddenly changed its behavior and is now killing almost as many women as men.

I believe it has to do with the psychological transformation in the women. Emulating male idol - women underwent such profound psychological changes that coronary heart disease and heart attack found its new victims in women.

If you want to read more on this subject – CLICK HERE for women and heart disease .

This line of thinking has the healing implications for both man and woman. It suggests and that it is not only food, smoking and exercise there is another psychological side to healing. Adding soft psychological changes to heart healthy diet and exercise multiply your chances of
reversing heart disease .

So when it comes to healing serious heart disease – you need comprehensive changes in your lifestyle. You can find the
total lifestyle prescription HERE .

Heart attack symptoms for women can be prevented if you wake up early enough to live mindfully.

Find your inner healing potential and transform your life for a healthy and happy life for yourself and your generations to come.

Decide to live healthy lifestyle.And, leave a healthy legacy.

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