Heart Health Exercises!
Customize them..
according to your needs.

If In Doubt, Involve Your Doctor!!

Heart health exercises can save you from a pending heart attack. If you intelligently combine safe exercises with heart-healthy-food, stop smoking and, find a low-stress lifestyle - you are doing a great favor to your heart and health. Expect more energetic, more youthful and many many more quality years ahead.

Comprehensive lifestyle changes are known to reverse even advanced heart disease in many scientific studies. Heart healthy exercises are important part of this lifestyle prescription.

You don't need any expensive machines or health club/gym memberships - all you need is a comfortable pair of sneakers and commitment to go out walking 20-30 minutes a day. This much exercise provides you all the benefits for the heart.

But remember to respect your limits. And at the same time, challenge your heart muscles just enough to inspire it to create new blood vessels. This is natural bypass creation.

You need to exercise at the target heart rate for 20 minutes or more, several times a week. Become more physically active. Find occasions when you can move around. Like, walking up a stair case or going around the next block.

If you like cycling, dancing, swimming and jogging - they all are effective aerobic exercises for your heart. Just remember to begin with your current level of comfort. Gradually build upon that.increase both time and intensity of exercise over next several weeks.

What is Target Heart Rate?

Target heart rate is the range of heart beats per minute during exercise, recommended for the benefits to your heart circulation.

To calculate your THR, take 50-85% of (220 minus your age in years).

So if you are 50 years of age,your THR will be 50-85% of (220 - 50) = 85 to 145 heart beats per minute.

Begin at the lower range. And slowly build up the intensity of your exercise.

If you have not exercised for a while, and, if you have any doubt about your capacity to exercise - consult a doctor. He will help you to customize your heart health exercises. From heart health exercises go to home page